Here are the Best 6.5 speakers for bass you can buy for your car.

    7 Best 6.5 Speakers for Bass : Loudest 6 1/2 Car Speakers of 2019

    It’s no secret that most of us calculate the distance in songs. We always love to cruise with loud speaker system buzzing mystically. When it comes to compact vehicles like cars and SUVs, there is no better speakers than the 6.5 ones. I know that is why you are here searching for the best 6.5 speakers to buy for bass.

    However, this lay out a road for tedious speaker hunting. You may wonder, “What are the loudest 6.5 speakers for the money”? If that’s the case, you don’t have to worry any more!

    Here are the Best 6.5 speakers for bass you can buy for your car.

    We’ve excavated some top rated 6.5 car speakers to help you to find a good one! Follow our guide and list to get some good ones that will make you happy.

    For the Lazy Guys: Here is Our Best One

    Before we move on, let’s look at the one topping 6.5 car audio speakers’ list.

    Pioneer TS-A1686R

    The greatest gift from this speaker is its exceptional sound quality.  You get the best of performance in a lower price comparatively. The manufacturing is trustworthy and of high quality.

    We will have a thorough overview of this awesome product in the reviews. But even if you skip our review and buy this awesome speaker from the below link of authorized dealer, you will never regret.

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    Best 6.5 Speakers for Money: Our Top Picks

    There are number of good 6.5 speakers giving outstanding experience as you drive. However, we’ve investigated the ones that don’t make you lose fortune. You can get a quality system in affordable price.

    We’ve widened our list respective to the speakers excelling in different categories. You may either be looking for 6.5 speakers with good bass or the loudest 6.5 speakers. All of these are accommodated in this list.

    Following are the top rated 6.5 car speakers we dug out.

    Comparison Table of Best 6.5 Car Audio Speakers

    RankProductDesign & TypeFrequency RangeRating
    1Pioneer TS-A1686R:The Best one
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    4 Way Coax2Hz-38kHz5
    2JBL GTO609C
    Check Latest Price
    2 Way Component67Hz-21kHz5
    3JBL GTO629
    Check Latest Price
    2 Way Coax53Hz-21kHz4.9
    4CT Sounds
    Check Latest Price
    5Infinity REF6522IX
    Check Latest Price
    6Pyle 6.5”: Most Bought
    Check Latest Price
    3 Way Coaxial90 Hz – 20KHz4.7
    7Rockford Fosgate R165X3
    Check Latest Price
    3 Way Coaxial52Hz-20kHz4.8
    8Pioneer TS-A1685R
    Check Latest Price
    4 or 3 Way Coaxial35Hz to 31kHz.4.9

    Now that we had a quick overview of the top rated 6.5 car speakers you can buy, its the time to have a close look at each of them.

    Although I tried to provided maximum information in the above table,  thorough overview of them will give you a clear picture.

    So, let us move ahead and start investigating the above listed one by one. I am sure you will love most of them.

    1. Pioneer TS-A1686R A-Series: Best 6.5 speakers for the money

    Pioneer TS A1686 is the best 6.5" car speaker as per our list

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    A rocking 4-way speaker designed to showcase ultra-high performance. It roars up the sound system’s perfections, giving off praiseworthy experience. This fabulous product tops the list of our best 6 1 2 car speakers.


    • Design: 4-Way
    • Sensitivity: 91dB
    • Power handling: 5-600 watts RMS (350 watts peak power)
    • Frequency range:2Hz-38kHz
    • Top mount depth:2-1/8″

    This systems’ performance is inevitably affected with the high-quality manufacturing from Pioneer. This speaker set provides the best quality output one could ask for. You’ll witness extremely clear high notes, nice-quality mid notes and low bass notes.

    With all these decent note qualities, you’ll be enjoying its incredible sound. It comes with Multilayer mica-matrix woofer surrounded with elastic polymer. The internals of this speaker are well-protected with the already provided grilles.

    It supports range of power (5-600 watts RMS) having peak power as whopping 350 watts. It incorporates 3/8” PET (polyethylene terephthalate) dome tweeter. This speaker has 1-1/8” balanced dome midrange.

    Its price range on the other hand is also worth noticeable. You can enjoy great quality speaker without emptying your wallet. It wouldn’t be wrong if it is considered better than a lot of other speakers out there.


    • Offers good range
    • Budget friendly
    • Has spectacular sound quality
    • Favors clear output 


    • Bass has the potential to distort when volume turned a lot up 
    Our Take

    Considered as the one of best 6.5” speakers in this price range. Almost 99% of the buyers recommend this to the other speaker enthusiasts. You will love the sound quality and its performance. That’s why it’s the best!

    Check the Best and Latest Price of Pioneer TS-A1686R on Amazon


    2. Harman Kardon JBL GTO609C: A loud 6.5” 2-way speaker

    Harman Kardon JBL GTO609C good 6.5 speaker for the money

    Check Latest Price

    This speaker from Harmon Kardon introduces itself as the smashing GTO Series Component Car Audio Speaker System. This 540-watt peak power speaker can replace factory speakers for smoothing convenience.


    • Type: 2-Way Component System
    • Sensitivity: 92dB
    • Power handling: Peak: 540 watts per pair / 270 watts each, RMS: 180 watts per pair / 90 watts each
    • Frequency range: 67-21,000 Hz
    • Top mount depth:2-1/16″ 

    The tag JBL already guarantees its high output, longer life and superb base response. All that are aided by the advanced technologies like Plus One woofer cone, edge-driven mylar-titanium tweeter and super-tweeter. It also supports built-in crossover network.

    The great part about this product is that it’s testified under all conditions. A feature necessary for care-free long drives. You wouldn’t witness your speakers screeching in between your favorite jams.

    Three-ohm voice coils compensates the resistance added by factory speaker wiring. When paired with external 12db’/octave crossover filters, harmful frequencies can be removed. This feature makes a huge impact on its sound and quality which is the foremost functionality to focus.

    Fortunately, this system provides the excellent quality output. It offers crispy Highs and Mids. What’s worth applauding is that it offers NUTEK earbuds free of cost.

    The installation is quite easy as well. The power output is 540 watts per pair with 270 watts each. RMS stands out to be 180 watts per pair.


    • Great JBL Sound Quality. Crystal clear output with balanced highs, mids and lows.
    • Plus-One woofer cones accounts for the high output and deep bass
    • The maximum power is pulled out of the system with its 4-Ohm design
    • Highly efficient in terms of price and cost
    • Easy to install 


    • Doesn’t come along with long screws required for putting JBL covers on the speakers. Can be ignored since they can’t be seen  
    Our Take

    This product is listed as the second among best 6 1/2 speakers. It is regarded as the most popular and well-received 6.5 car audio speaker. More than 99% of the buyers left positive reviews for this speaker. It comes as a speaker set and could be a life changing product for you!

    Check the Best and Latest Price of JBL GOT609C on Amazon


    3. JBL GTO629: Extremely high-quality 6.5-Inch Co-Axial Speaker

    This is a top rated 6.5" car speaker in our list

    Check Latest Price

    An impressive, high-quality 6.5-inch car speaker showcasing premium sound quality. You get it in the Set of 2 for the ultimate rocking-sound experience.


    • Design: Co-axial
    • Type:2-way
    • Sensitivity: 93 dB
    • Power handling:5-60 watts RMS (180 watts peak power)
    • Frequency range:53-21,000 Hz
    • Top mount depth: 2 inches
    • Dimensions: Mounting Cutout Diameter: 5-1/16 inches. External Diameter: 6-1/4 inches 

    This sound system integrates Carbon-injected Plus One cones which are larger than others.  This enables them to move even more air, ultimately making more bass. This speaker produces good bass and excellent mids/tweets.

    For ultimate loud and crystal-clear output, they are required to be amped. That allows them going beyond the specified watts. On recommended 75×4 amp, you’ll witness crystal, clear, punchy and crispy-loud sound.

    Irrespective of its placement, Patented UniPivot tweeter redirects the speakers’ sound to your ears. On the other hand, dual-level tweeter offers volume adjustment. You can shove your speaker anywhere without worrying about its loudness.

    It’s no secret that Low-impedance, three-ohm speakers make huge difference in output. It hinders the power-related displeasure arising with car’s undersized wires. Like in good 6.5 speakers, this feature utilizes every watt delivered to it.

    It also comes with dedicated 12dB/octave, high-quality crossover. These components are responsible for leading the highs and lows to suitable speakers. This is essential to meet up the demand of high-quality sound.

    They sound even better after break in period. These speakers work as a charm-if you favor high-fidelity or are audiophile.


    • The highs are clear and not fatiguing, the mids are easy and natural and the bass is big with no distortion
    • Phenomenal sound output
    • High-quality built
    • Made to last longer 


    • Tweeters are little smaller 
    Our Take

    This product enjoys the third rank in best 6.5 inch car speakers. It is highly admired for its high-quality built and impressive results. Over 96% of buyers recommend it. The eye catching look and the built quality are non-parallel.

    Check the Best and  Latest Price of JBL GOTO629 on Amazon

    4. CT Sounds Meso: A powerful 6.5” car speaker:

    CT Sounds Meso powerful and loudest 6.5 speakers

    Check Latest Price

    A top-notch speaker rising among the best 6.5 door speakers. A trusted ally for the speaker enthusiasts for its smashing sound quality.


    • Type: Component
    • Sensitivity: 10db
    • Power handling: 150W RMS /300W Peak power
    • Frequency range: 40Hz ~ 6kHz
    • Top mount depth: 73mm / 2.9″ 

    It’s definitely one of the hottest speakers in the market. This most sold product comes with glass fiber cone having 25mm silk dome tweeter. The tweeter comes with different mounting pods allowing the placement flexibility.

    It is well protected with face grilles without compromising on sound volume. With proper power feed, you get the crispy, loud and clear output.

    What puts it on the high position is the premium sound quality experience. It leaves the car booming with passionate music without being amped. Moreover, it displays zero distortion from bass.

    This component handles power greatly. If put with a right amplifier, it produces brilliant rocking sound. You’ll get the best package in reasonable price

    The other notable features include cast aluminum basket, 3.5kHz crossover point and NBR surround.


    • Favors sweet highs, crispy mids, and tight, punchy mid bass
    • Well-crafted and sturdy
    • Packaged with plenty of mounting hardware.
    • Reasonably priced 


    • Little bright tweeters 
    Our Take

    It wouldn’t be fair If this wasn’t included in best 6.5 car speakers. It’s highly popular in speaker market for giving best results in reasonable price. Over 96% of the buyers highly recommend this product. This is one of the most affordable 6.5 speaker you will ever get.

    Check the Best and  Latest Price of CT Sounds Meso on Amazon

    5. Infinity REF6522IX: A great-quality sound producing 6.5″ Car Speakers

    Infinity REF6522IX best 6.5 inch speakers for cars

    Check Latest Price

    Comes with Edge-driven Textile Tweeter, this rich speaker gives great sound output.  Acclaims a good reputation among top rated 6.5 car speakers.


    • Design: Coaxial
    • Type: Component
    • Sensitivity: 93dB
    • Power handling: 60W RMS, 180W peak
    • Frequency range:53Hz – 21kHz 

    This turns out to be a great update in a cheaper price. What’s worth to be noted is that it provides a good-quality, crispy sound. Without any added amp, they sound better than stock.

    The crispy bass follows decently low frequency without sponsoring distortion. You can hear it play loud, keeping up with the dash speakers. The sound quality is greatly enhanced with the introduction of amplifiers.

    You can fit its component woofers perfectly to your car’s front doors. This can be done using the stock plastic mounting spacers and a Metra 72-6514 adapter. This speaker system overall, gives impressive


    • Outstanding sound quality
    • More Bass after break in period
    • Highly convenient adjustable tweeters
    • Rich midrange
    • Smoother vocals at higher notes without compromising on bass reproduction 


    • A little expensive
    • Doesn’t come with documentation and wires 
    Our Take

    This is a must pick for best 6.5 door speakers. Almost 95% of the buyers feel satisfaction in buying this product. If you’re looking for 6.5 speakers with bass, it’s a must buy! 

    Check the Best and  Latest Price of Infinity REF6522IX on Amazon

    6. Pyle 6.5” speaker: Remarkable Three Way Sound Speaker System

    Pyle 6.5” speaker is nice 6.5 car audio speakers and is one of the most bought one in the market.

    Check Latest Price

    A Round Shaped Full Range speaker impressively acing the speaker market. It comes out as the best 6.5 speaker for bass.


    • Design: Triaxial
    • Type: Full range 3-way
    • Sensitivity: 89 Db
    • Power handling: 180 Watts RMS / 360 Watts Max
    • Frequency range: 90 Hz – 20KHz
    • Top mount depth: 9” 

    If you’re looking for speaker with bass, this is worth-trying!

    This speaker from Pyle rocks up the speaker show with its impressive sound quality. Its 6.5inch woofer integrates blue poly injection cone favoring stiffness without additional weight. With 1-inch ASV voice coil, no need to worry about high-temperature and high-wattage conditions

    Low impedance (4 ohms) accounts for compensating undersized car wires. Of course, it helps in utilizing every watt to the best degree. It does come with grills, wires and necessary mounting hardware.

    It also comes with powerful butyl rubber surround. That’s an important feature as it secures the system and increases its life.

    What sponsor the detailed and crispy sound is its perfectly structured midrange tweeter. It has one-inch neodymium film dome midrange and ¾-ich piezo tweeter. These power the speaker system, allowing frequency range of 90 Hz-20 kHz.


    • High-quality built from high-end materials
    • Impressive sound quality
    • One of the 6.5 speakers with good bass reproduction
    • Very good high and low range
    • Comes with speaker wire and template for cutting holes
    • Budget friendly 


    • The speaker seems bulky appearance wise, with tweeter sticking out a bit farther. 
    Our take:

    This speaker makes its place on best 6.5 speakers for its incredible output. Over 94 % buyers express their satisfaction over their purchase. Forgot to mention that this is the most bought 6.5 speaker in the market. Sounds great? Check it out!

    Check the Best and  Latest Price of Pyle 6.5” on Amazon

    7. Rockford Fosgate R165X3: Impressive 3-way coaxial speaker

    Rockford Fosgate R165X3 is one of the best 6.5 door speakers to have for your car and SUV

    Check Latest Price

    A full range speaker popular for its sound quality and easy installation. A 2-pair set having intelligent design which supports uninterrupted high-quality sound.


    • Design: Coaxial
    • Type: Full range 3-way
    • Sensitivity: 91 Db
    • Power handling: 45 Watts RMS, 90 Watts MAX
    • Frequency range: 52Hz-20kHz
    • Midrange Mounting Depth: 2.15” 

    This speaker offers remarkable sound quality. It wouldn’t be wrong to claim it beats the factory speakers beyond expectation. You are sure to get crispy, clear sound.

    It’s worth noting that it intelligently integrates the right amount of depth. For this reason, the sound doesn’t shake or rattles your mirrors and cars. It provides the perfect amount of music output and gives loudest 6.5 speakers’ experience.

    It comes with Silk dome pole mounted piezo tweeter and midrange. The tweeter is well-placed near the woofer’s center. This prohibits it from interfering with your car’s door covers.

    Both the tweeter and woofer are well-compatible with each other. You don’t find any of them overpowering each other. Moreover, the system has vacuum polypropylene cone and integrated tweeter crossover.

    One bonus point is that it comes with a set of wires having spade terminals.


    • Decent bass, extremely good mids/ highs
    • User-friendly installation
    • Budget friendly
    • Full clear sound without any noticeable distortion 


    • Needs to be customized to fit to the doors 
    Our Take:

    What list it into best 6.5 door speakers are its price, quality and easy placement. Almost all the customers highly recommend this product.

    Check the Best and  Latest Price of Rockford Fosgate R165X3 on Amazon

    Honorable Mention

    Although the following product is discontinued, it deserves an honorable mention. That is reasoned with its outstanding features and sound results. Moreover, it is still available in the  market and many of the happy customers still recommend it to their peers.

    Pioneer TS-A1685R: Outstanding 6.5 car audio speaker

    Pioneer TS-A1685R is one of the good 6.5 speakers with bass

    Check Latest Price

    An impressive speaker listed as one of the best 6.5 door speakers. Delivers a thrill in your car with its remarkable performance economically.


    • Design: Coaxial
    • Type: 4-way, 3-way
    • Frequency Response: 35Hz to 31kHz.
    • Sensitivity: 90dB
    • Power handling: 350 watts per pair / 175 watts each, RMS: 120 watts per pair / 60 watts each
    • Mounting depth: 1 3/4″ 

    This A-Series speaker has a multilayer mica matrix cone sponsoring superior rigidity and maintaining internal loss. It makes use of light, water-resistant material. All of which account for outstanding responsiveness sensitivity and minimum internal loss.

    It integrates elastic polymer speaker surround for increasing its lifetime. It also supports soft dome tweeters having wave guide for greater sensitivity.

    Another important feature is the high-temperature voice call. It’s responsible for heat dissipation and durability to endure high input power. These speakers are available in in multiple sizes to fit your car.


    • Very affordable
    • Fits to the door perfectly
    • Amazing sound quality
    • Better than stock speakers
    • Great highs and mids  


    • Front cover may not fit perfectly 
    Our Take

    This is truly one of the best 6.5 inch car speakers. It’s highly recommended by over 99% of the buyers. Although its production is discontinued by the manufacturer, you can easily get them in authorized dealer’s shops like Amazon

    [ Check the Best and  Latest Price of Pioneer TS-A1685R on Amazon


    How to Buy Top Rated 6.5 Car Speakers: Buying Guide

    You already know the advantages of having a good 6.5 car speaker. You also know the best rated ones too. But we believe that you should also know how to buy one. You might have seen 2 or 3 speakers suiting your need. It is very important for you to chose one which is the best for you.

    Despite knowing best 6.5 car speakers, you must know how to buy one. There are certain things you should focus on as you scroll through speaker sites. It’s always a good practice to have information about the things beforehand.

    The same case is with the car speakers as well. You can’t expect to rock in your car without understanding basic speaker terms. Perfect sound experience comes with knowing what can cause such experience.

    In this regard, we’ve extended our help to guide you. You’ll be passing trust-worthy speaker advises to your friends after reading this guide. So, hasten your seat belt, it’s time for perfect car speaker shopping.

    Understand the Types of Car Speakers

    The very first important thing is knowing the types of speakers. Generally, there are two types, component and full range. Both of these types have their own merits and demerits.

    What’s essential for you is to know what type you require.

    1. Full-range Speakers:

      Full range integrates all the speaker elements in one unit. You get woofer for lows with tweeter mounted atop it for highs. Additionally, one can have Super-tweeters as well as midrange combined with it.

      These speakers are very easy to install. In fact, buy this one if you want to replace your factory speaker. All it requires is simple plug in and plug out installation.

    2. Component Speakers:

      These speakers give you superior sound quality. The reason is that the woofer and tweeters are separate units.  It allows separate crossovers for separating out frequency for premium results.

      With unbound tweeter, you can position it however you want. This can assure a greatly-optimized perfect output.

    Understand the features of car speakers:

    While buying 6.5 car audio speakers, you must learn about its features. In that case, you’ll be buying the one matches your car best.

    1. Sensitivity:

      Sensitivity is linked with how much sound a speaker provides in response to the power applied. If your car works with low-powered stereo, speakers having high sensitivity will match best. Low power could be 15 watts RMS per channel or less.

      High sensitivity can be regarded as 90Db or above. On the other hand, if you have a high-power system, use speakers with lower sensitivity. Your properly powered 6.5 systems will eventually work as a good 6.5 speaker.

    2. Power-Handling:

      This is yet another feature you mustn’t miss. Power handling tells you up to what power your speaker can work. That’s essential for proper compatibility with your car system.

      High power-handling of speakers isn’t required for low-powered car systems. However, it is necessary if your system has powerful external amp. In both of the cases, always go for RMS ratings.

      The reason is that peak power shows the high power at an instant. Whereas, RMS is for measuring power on continuous term. This will give you the correct idea about speaker compatibility.

    Understand the Material of Car Speakers:

    Buying guide for speakers is incomplete without throwing some light on materials. The designing of material is what makes the speaker durable and buying-worthy.  This can also be helpful in hunting down the best 6.5 speakers.

    1. Material for woofer

      Good 6.5 speakers effectively produce quality low notes. However, the reason lies in the material of the woofer. For both full-range and component speakers, the woofer material should be stiff yet lightweight.

      That’s highly important for 6.5 speakers with bass to sound remarkable. Most of the speakers have woofer cones made from synthetic films such as polypropylene. This material is good enough for giving good quality low notes.

      A bit more stiffer material than Polypropylene provides better and accurate bass output. One way to achieve it is by mixing Polypropylene with other materials. Mixing it with mica makes it more stiffer and better.

      Other great materials are woven fabrics, or metal-coated synthetics. Those metals could be aluminum and titanium. These are lightweight and can endure heat, cold, and moisture well.

    2. Materials for tweeters:

      Tweeters’ materials influence the sound output at a greater extent. Using tweeters made with soft materials gives smooth, refined and mellow sound. Soft materials could be poly, textile blends or silk.

      However, if you’re a person that enjoys bright highs, go for hard-materials. Tweeters made of metals, ceramics or graphite may do the work!

    3. Material for Surrounds:

      Surprisingly, surround is important for the free movement of woofer cones. This is responsible for smarter bass. That’s why the surround must be able to withstand harsh temperature and weather conditions.

      The best 6.5” speakers have surrounds made of rubber. It increases the life of speaker while giving the optimum performance. Alternatively, foam and cloth surround is affordable and gives good performance.

    Some Other features:

    There are several other features found on quality speakers. These features vote for feasibility, convenience, and corresponds to the applauding speaker quality. We’ll discuss some of these features below.

    1. Pivoting or swiveling tweeters;

      This feature is especially important if you’re placing your speakers lower. Full-range speakers having this quality can improve the sound quality impressively.

      We already know that tweeters produce high-frequencies that are directional. With pivoting tweeters, these can be directed directly to the listener! You can imagine the perfect creation of music ambiance.

      We’ve already listed the product that promotes this feature. The UniPivot tweeter feature in Infinity speakers aim high frequencies at your ears. The next thing it indirectly favors is a hi-fi sound system buzzing in your sheeny car.

    2. Detachable tweeter

      Detachable tweeters provide number of benefits for you. One of these benefits include the re-usability and mobility of speakers.  You can detach it to shifts its placement in different cars.

      If you opt for Speakers with detachable tweeters, you’ll opt for versatility. You can use it as either full-range speakers or component systems.

    3. External crossovers

      You may find external crossovers in component systems. This is used for separating out frequencies sent to woofer and tweeter. As a result, you’re able to witness clear sound reproduction.

      The good part about many crossovers is their external terminal for bi-amping. Typically, there’s single channel of amplification for both woofer and tweeter. With bi-amplification, two sets of cables carry signal from separate amplifier for woofer and tweeter separately.

      This promotes an ultra-high performance for speaker systems.

    Where to buy the Speakers?

    Lastly, we all end up with the question, where can I buy this? Fortunately for best 6 1/2 speakers, there are number of options. You can buy it personally or online.

    There are numerous sites that sell the speakers including the ones we mentioned. You can also get it directly from the manufacturer site. They may vary in price depending on what else they provide.

    One great option is to buy from Amazon. You’ll also be able to read thousands of reviews from satisfied customers.

    Conclusion: Did You get the Best Sound Quality 6.5 Speaker?

    You can’t have a mystical long drive without having good speaker system. No one likes blown up speaker making rustic sound. All our happiness lies in crispy, loud sound sponsoring thrill.

    This article covered all the aspect for perfect speaker shopping. Ranging from knowing ‘what to buy’ to ‘where to buy’.  Our highlighted best 6 1 2 car speakers are top pick after hunting number of car speakers.

    With our list, you’ll get to know best 6.5 car speakers for bass, sound or money. All of which contributes to beautiful long drive in cold rainy night.

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